Slab Case BackPack (includes Black Slab Case 2GO TSA Locks)

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    The Slab Case BackPack is for the card show attendee. The 2GO Slab Case with TSA locks that is inside of the backpack will hold roughly 40-50 graded cards including PSA, BGS, SGC, CSG, HGA etc. It has 2 straps for easy carrying and a buckle for across the chest to help support the weight. At this time, the Slab Case 2GO inside of the backpack does have the original combination locks. We plan to upgrade to the TSA locks this year (2023).

    • Black Slab Case 2GO inside the backpack (original combination locks) 
    • USB port to plug in a power bank
    • Multiple storage pockets for any other accessories needed for the trip including a laptop
    • Please note that the included 2GO case is black. The red limited edition case is no longer available

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