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After years of attending card shows and noticing that card collectors were using cardboard boxes to hold their cards, Clint Anderson, owner of Zion Cases, thought there just had to be a better way. The first design of the original SLAB CASE™ (the OG…if you know, you know), was just the beginning of what is now an evolved product that has morphed into several different options for card collectors at any stage.

Zion Cases is continuously developing new products that provide each individual card collector exactly what they need to protect their cards. Whether it be for trade nights, card shows or traveling by air to different events; Zion Cases is determined to be the leading supplier for all card storage options in the card collecting industry.


At Zion Cases we are also focused on remaining true and respectful to the industry. We want each customer experience to be great and we work really hard to make that happen! We are just normal-everyday people who want to bring excitement to the card collecting industry by providing a great product. Please always feel welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions at: help@zioncases.com

If you’re interested in wholesale orders, please fill out our Wholesale Form and we’ll follow up right away to get things started!





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