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    Introducing Zion Cases revolutionary new tabletop showcase, designed to elevate the display of your most prized possessions. This showcase is a sophisticated 2-piece item featuring a durable basin and thick, high-quality acrylic lid with risers. The lid is removable for easy replacement, cleaning and transporting safely. Available in vertical or horizontal display options. 


    • Basin: The material is a durable hard polypropylene (PP) plastic material which allows the display case to be light in weight but durable enough to withstand transportation and longevity of use.
    • Lid: 1/4” crystal clear acrylic - The two prongs on the lid allow an effortless placement into the basin slots, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. The lid creates a polished and quality look that enhances the appeal of the items you choose to display. The lid is removable for easy replacement, cleaning and transporting safely. 
    • Risers: The risers can easily be attached to the sides of the lid. (see images) The risers keep the lid in an upright position, allowing for a dynamic and eye-catching presentation of your displayed items.
    • Perfect for showcasing sports cards, coins, jewelry, and other valuable items, this tabletop showcase is an ideal choice for trade show events. The durable acrylic material of the lid provides excellent visibility while offering protection and keeping your items in pristine condition while on display.
    • Available in both vertical and horizontal: You have the flexibility to choose the orientation that best suits your display needs. Whether you're a collector or exhibitor, the Zion Cases Tabletop Showcase is the perfect solution for showcasing your valuables with style and sophistication. Elevate your display game with Zion Cases today!

      This showcase does not include a lock. It has an inlet hole on the back side of the showcase for adding an exterior lock of your choice to ensure the security of your items. When purchasing a lock ensure that it is form-fitting to keep the lid in place inside the grooves of the basin.

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